June 1866 match vs South Yarra

Saturday 2 June - Richmond Paddock

Melbourne 0
South Yarra 2

South Yarra win

Melbourne entered the new season as holders of the Athletic Sports Committee Challenge Cup, but dropped it in the first match of the year.

South Yarra went in favourite having had more practice in the lead-up to the season, and they were the stronger team from the kickoff. Melbourne had been handicapped by losing both the Wardills' due to a domestic bereavement, as well as a number of other important players from the selected side.

It only took 20 minutes for South Yarra to kick the first goal of the game. The second goal was more difficult to come by, and for a time it looked like Melbourne might be able to defend long enough to have the game ended for the afternoon as a draw.

Captain Henry Harrison was stoutest defender of his side's goal and he turned back a number of attacking opportunities. South Yarra had their chances to finish the game as well, but couldn't get a shot within range. Eventually Fleming - who had turned out for Melbourne in some games the previous year - marked within distance. He kicked truly and the cup was South Yarra's. Harrison ended the day in good spirit, calling for three cheers for the new champions.

Best for Melbourne were Harrison, Conway and Ireland.

Selected team
J. Bennie, Bruford, J. Campbell, D. Campbell, J. Conway, Fleming, A. Gates, HC Harrison, J. Hewitt, JDC Ireland, Lock, NC Neal, GM Nichols, W. Perraton, Riggall, J. Shiels, Snodgrass, E. Stodart, Waugh, HK Woolley. Emergencies - Byrne, Davidson, Serrell, Waugh

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