July 1864 match vs Eastern Hill-Royal Park

Saturday 2 July and Saturday 30 July - Richmond Paddock

Melbourne 0
Eastern Hill-Royal Park 1

Match drawn

No score was had by either team on the first afternoon of the match, before the game was called off after Newton Jacomb broke his leg. Play was restarted on Saturday 30 June. Kickoff was delayed by an hour from 2.30pm to 3.30pm due to the late arrival of the Melbourne players, and once the game recommenced it was played in wet conditions where running was impossible in some parts of the ground.

One of the opposition players kicked a goal which deflected off a tree. It was allowed, and even though there was much more time for the game to continue the game was halted due to Melbourne's objections.

Best were Tait, Ogilvie and Metcalfe.

Some sources say the first game was abandoned due to Jacomb's injury.

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Herald - 01/08/1864
Argus - 01/08/1864

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