2000 Practice Match vs Brisbane

Practice Match 2000
Saturday 26 February
Venue: Southport
Attendance: Approximately 5000

Brisbane 4.3 6.6 9.10 13.11.89
Melbourne 3.0 5.3 7.5 10.8.69

Brisbane win by 20 points

Goalkickers: David Schwarz 3, Matthew Febey 2, James Cook 1, Adem Yze 1, Scott Chisholm 1, Jeff White 1, Cameron Bruce 1.

Melbourne kept in touch all day but couldn't get their nose in front against the local side until midway through the last quarter after two rare goals by Matthew Febey and another from Adem Yze.

The Demons then had the chance to put the game away but missed four shots on the run and conceded four goals in the last five minutes to lose the match.

Best Powell, McDonald and Woewodin.

Beams, Bruce, Chisholm, Collins, Cook, M. Febey, S. Febey, Grgic, Ingerson, Leoncelli, A. McDonald, J. McDonald, Neitz, Nicholson, Powell, Ramsay, Rigoni, Robertson, Schwarz, Simmonds, Walsh, Wheatley, Whelan, White, Williams, Woewodin, Yze

Age - 26/02/2000
Herald Sun - 27/02/2000
Age - 27/02/2000

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