1996 Lightning Premiership

Lightning Premiership Round 1, 1996
North Melbourne vs Melbourne
Friday 9 February
Venue: Waverley
Attendance: 7031

North Melbourne 0.0.0 3.5.23
Melbourne 3.3.21 3.4.22

North Melbourne win by 1 point

Goalkickers Jeff Farmer 1, Andrew Obst 1, Shaun Smith 1

The league clubs played the shortened format (2x 17.5 minutes) for $170,000 in prize money. The winning team was set to earn $40,000, and the runners up $20,000. The competition also had three points for hitting the post and rushed behinds, a last touch out of bounds rule, four goal umpires and four boundary umpires. The full event ran over three days, had 24,276 in attendance and lost $300,000. It was not staged again. During the weekend Marcus Seecamp won a 100m sprint competition.

The Demons played in the first match of the tournament, but after opening up a comfortable lead they were knocked out by the barest of margins in the first match of the tournament.

Best were Obst, G. Lovett and Farmer.

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