1862 August match vs Geelong

Saturday 30 August - Richmond Paddock

Melbourne defeated Geelong by forfeit

Goalkicker: G. Nichols 2

The match almost didn't take place due to Melbourne club objecting to a rule which allowed players to pick the ball up and run with it. After disputes throughout the season Melbourne secretary TH Smith eventually conceded the point to his Geelong counterpart Henry Harrison and the rule remained in place.

Reports of the match vary greatly between the Melbourne and Geelong newspapers. The Argus and The Age said the game was 18-a-side, with the Geelong Advertiser claiming 19-a-side. The two accounts differed greatly on what actually happened in the game.

The match started almost an hour late due to Melbourne players failing to arrive on time, and it soon descended into chaos, with the Geelong side ultimately abandoning the match midway through in protest at the treatment they received.

According to The Argus, Melbourne had opened the scoring through Nichols after 15 minutes, but the Advertiser claimed Geelong had scored first but Melbourne disputed the goal and to keep the harmony the visitors agreed not to take the score.

After an hour Nichols scored another in similar circumstances, and after Geelong protested he refused to give it back. After his side were then allegedly subjected to insulting and offensive language Harrison took them off the ground.

A letter to the Geelong Advertiser from the local side's captain Henry Harrison later clarified that Melbourne had scored first but he believed they should have conceded the second.

Melbourne were captained by Thomas Smith.

Some sources suggest it was Melbourne who walked off.

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