Round 6 1898

Round 6, 1898
Melbourne vs South Melbourne
Saturday 11 June
Venue: MCG
Attendance: Unknown

South Melbourne0.
Match Statistics

South Melbourne win by 2 points

Goalkickers: Jack Leith 1


On a slippery ground with minimal wind advantage, the teams turned on the match with the lowest total of scoring shots in any VFL/AFL game. The quality of the match was also affected by the ball being overinflated, causing it to frequently evade players and bounce in unexpected directions. Melbourne had first use of the breeze and kicked their only goal for the day. They should have had another in the second quarter through Wardill but with the ground becoming slippery he missed an easy chance.

It took until the third quarter for South to get their first goal. This caused Melbourne to rally but they were unable to find an avenue to goal and their three behinds for the term were the difference between the sides at the last break.

South got the first major of the last term and Melbourne could only respond with behinds, leaving them a point down with 10 minutes to play. There was only one further behind scored and it went to the visitors to give them a narrow victory.

Best were Wood, "Norman" and Herring.

Lowest scores

"Norman" is another player under an assumed name.

Australasian - 18/06/1898
Argus - 13/06/1898
Record - 18/06/1898

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