Round 2 1999

Round 2, 1999
St. Kilda vs Melbourne
Sunday 4 April
Venue: Waverley
Attendance: 37,232

St. Kilda8.313.815.1119.16.130
Match Statistics

St. Kilda win by 46 points

Goalkickers: Travis Johnstone 3, David Schwarz 3, Russell Robertson 2, Jeff Farmer 1, Andrew Leoncelli 1, Stephen Tingay 1, Shane Woewodin 1, Adem Yze 1

Brownlow votes:

First game
Peter Walsh

Melbourne had won in Round 1, and the Saints had suffered an 89 point thrashing but the turnaround at Waverley Park pointed to what would rapidly become a poor season for the Demons.

They started badly against the Saints, St Kilda had an 89 possession advantage in the first half and Stewart Loewe had dragged in 12 marks, but struck back in the third quarter to give themselves the barest of chances going into the last quarter. The gap was too much though, and Tim Watson enjoyed his first win as St Kilda coach.

In the wake of the match St Kilda's Peter Everitt imposed a four match suspension on himself and donated $20,000 to an indigenous community after admitting to racially abusing Scott Chisholm. On top of his self-imposed ban the AFL added a two week suspended sentence.

Best were Guy Rigoni, Matthew Febey and Travis Johnstone. Jeff Farmer injured his shoulder.



St Kilda 18.13.127 d. Melbourne 10.1.61
Goals - Williams 4, Smoker 1, Collins 1, Beams 1, Muallechna 1, Kowal 1, Newton 1
Best - Kowal, Beams, Ward

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