August 1889 match vs St Kilda

Saturday 10 August - St Kilda Cricket Ground

St Kilda 1.4, 3.9, 5.15, 8.17
Melbourne 1.1, 2.3, 3.5, 3.8

Goalkickers: Aitken 1, Smith 1, Benson 1

St Kilda scored the first goal shortly after the start of play, and while Melbourne equalised to to take the game into quarter time at one apiece St Kilda soon increased their score and went on to win easily.

Best were Fox, Smith, J. Benson and Aitken.

Selected team
Aitken, Bain, Benson, Browne, Carah, Connelly, Farrell, Fox, Fox, Fry, Firebrace, Healing, R. Kelly, Kerrigan, Langridge, Lynar, Macan, Mitchell, Morrison, McGrath, Slattery, Smith, Sheehan, Strachan, Trowbridge

Official VFA records show the score as 4.8 though all newspapers reported 3.8 and there is no fourth listed goalkicker.

Herald - 09/08/1889
Sportsman - 14/08/1889
Australasian - 17/08/1889

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