Round 9 1908

Round 9, 1908
Melbourne vs Fitzroy
Saturday 20 June
Venue: MCG
Attendance: Unknown

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 3 points

Goalkickers: Vin Coutie 1, Jack Donaldson 1, Joe Hodgkins 1, Jack Leith 1

First Goal
Joe Hodgkins (2nd game)

Statistical categories led:
Equal lowest winning score

After four straight losses Melbourne gave their fans something to smile about. It's only one of only four times Melbourne has failed to score in the first quarter and went on to win - and is their equal lowest ever winning score - but the most important thing was that they got the points.

With the Governor-General in attendance, the two sides played an ugly game where the two sides scrambled and delivered hard knocks to each other as most of the players followed the ball. Very few high marks were taken due to a tricky wind, and Fitzroy had a lead of 10 to nine at the long break.

Fitzroy lost the game in the third quarter when they had the wind but only managed 1.2 and allowed Melbourne to snap one through. They kept the lead at the last break but eventually the home side broke through their strong defence which held out for 10 minutes. Donaldson got the goal to go ahead, Coutie got another and both Pearce and Purse held Fitzroy out at the other end.

Best were Nolan, Pearce and J. Purse.

Scoreless First Quarters

The Argus - 22/06/1908

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