Round 14 1902

Round 14, 1902
South Melbourne vs Melbourne
Saturday 2 August
Venue: Lake Oval
Attendance: Unknown

South Melbourne1.
Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 36 points

Goalkickers: Jack Leith 4, George Cathie 2, Maurie Herring 1, Frank Langley 1, Les Rainey 1

Last Game
Les Rippon

Neither side had their best 18 available, but Melbourne gradually pulled away throughout the afternoon. They weren't affected by a 'bout of fisticuffs' throughout the afternoon. They had better position play going forward, and with a wind blowing across the ground it was important in opening up their lead.

They extended an eight point lead to 16 in at half time after keeping South goalless. The lead was further extended in the third and fourth quarters.

McClelland, Herring and Leith were best. Langley was injured.

Argus - 04/08/1902
Australasian - 09/08/1902

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