August 1879 match vs Essendon

Saturday August 28 - Flemington Hill

Essendon 2.8
Melbourne 1.9 (half time 1.5-0.3)

Essendon win by 1 goal

Goalkicker: Swanson 1

Each club went into the game with a number of their best players missing, and the home side was first to attack. Their efforts initially went unrewarded, and Melbourne just missed a chance from a long shot by Sillett. The ball went back into Essendon's attack, where after a pair of behinds their pressure eventually paid off with the opening goal.

Essendon's goal sparked Melbourne, but the visitors could still only manage behinds. The home team went two goals up in the second half before Swanson got his side back the game. No more goals were scored and Essendon won.

Best were McKenzie, E. Longden and Simson.

Selected team
Baker, Baker, Bennie, Booth, Boys, Downes, Lamrock, Longden, Longden, Macdonald, McKenzie, Matheson, McKie, Murray, Oakley, Power, Sandilands, Sillett, Simson, Swyer. Emergency - Lempriere

Some sources say the match was abandoned when lights failed, but this does not appear to be correct as it is not mentioned in other articles, and an Essendon win is spoken about later.

Leader - 30/08/1879
Australasian - 06/09/1879

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