1937 Seconds Semi Final

11 September 1937 - MCG

Collingwood - 3.2, 6.3, 8.9, 11.11.77
Melbourne - 3.2, 6.7, 6.11, 9.18.72

Collingwood win by 5 points

Goalkickers: Anderson 2, Munday 2, Ball 1, Oakley 1, Backway 1, Bennett 1

Melbourne used their pace to take the early advantage but wasted chances with poor forward play. Collingwood took the lead but the sides traded goals and were level at quarter time. A more aggressive Melbourne jumped to a nine point lead during the second quarter, and they were still four points in front at half time.

Collingwood kicked two goals early in the third quarter, and Melbourne were breaking down badly across the half-forward line. They only managed four behinds, conceding 2.6 and a 10 point deficit.

The Demons were the better team again in the fourth, but again their forward play was poor and it cost them goals. Whittaker missed a chance, allowing Collingwood to open an 11 point lead, before a late goal to Anderson brought the gap back to under a goal without time for Melbourne to take advantage.

Best were Backway, Anderson and Regan. Wilcox was a late replacement for the injured Kinnear.

B: Foster, Regan, Wilcox
HB: Maher, McNaughton, Gray
C: Reilly, Emselle, Steel
HF: Anderson, Munday, Oakley
F: Ball, Bennett, McDonagh
Foll: Adams, Furniss, Backway
19th: Miller

Football Record 1937 Finals
Age - 03/09/1937
Herald - 04/09/1937
Sporting Globe - 04/09/1937

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