1865 July match vs Royal Park

Saturday 15 July - Melbourne Ground

Melbourne 0
Royal Park 1

Match drawn

The path to the match had been difficult, with Melbourne initially rejecting a challenge from South. The match finally took place on the 15th, and for the second game in a row Melbourne escaped with the Challenge Cup despite being behind at the conclusion of play.

The rules stated a side needed to kick two goals to win the game, so South Yarra's goal which came due to the home side pushing too far forward and leaving Treacy alone to defend their goal.

RW Wardill was captain, and both players had around 20 players. The suburban team had a great advantage in weight, and in the wet many players took spills. Henry Harrison got some of his own back on a Royal Park player, knocking him clean off his feet. O'Mullane - a late addition who was not in the named team - also knocked an opponent over.

An incident during the game had an effect on the rules from 1866 onwards. The well-known tactic of Henry Harrison to ignore the law about not running with the ball was finally backfired when South decided to give the ball to their speediest player and allow him to sprint - at one point over the line and through the goal for the only major of the match. It led to the eventual implementation of the rule that said players had to bounce the ball every 10 yards.

Best were O'Mullane, Conway, Osborne, Harrison, Treacy

HC Harrison, Conway, RW Wardill, MK Woolley, Riggall, Darehy, Fleming, Wilkie, W. Campbell, O'Brien, Treacy, Shiels, Downes, Osborne, Aitken, Serrell, Perrston, TH Smith, Pinnock, Davidson

The Australasian - 15/07/1865
The Argus - 17/07/1865
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