1860 June Match vs Richmond

Saturday 2 June and Saturday 16 June - Richmond Paddock

Melbourne 2 (Hammersley 2)
Richmond 0

Melbourne win

Goalkicker: William Hammersley 2

Due to preparations for the upcoming cricket season the match was played on a much smaller ground than usual, and as a result the ball spent more times out of bounds.

After several close calls, including a goalward shot by Richmond bouncing off the head of a small boy and into the post, darkness fell two hours later without a goal being scored by either side and it was agreed to continue the match two weeks later.

A fortnight late Melbourne finally won courtesy of two goals by Hammersley -who had previously appeared with Richmond that year before deciding to return to Melbourne. Their opponents were short of some of their best players - including Hammersley - and had a weight disadvantage but enjoyed the captaincy of Tom Wills.

Melbourne was captained by Thomas Smith, and for an hour neither team could find an advantage. As the match went on the tide turned in the favour of the Reds, and shortly before 4pm Hammersley opened the scoring.

On changing of ends the sides battled strongly before Hammersley scored his second to end the game.

With 30 minutes left before the appointed end time a scratch match was played immediately after and ended in a nil all draw when darkness fell.

Some sources say JB Thompson was Melbourne's captain in the first game and Smith the captain in the second. The two days' play may be treated as separate matches.

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