Jim Mitchell - Trainer

Image DOB: 1864
Died: Unknown

Described as a "trainer, masseur and unofficial coach" of the 1900 premiership side, 'Jem' Mitchell joined the club from Fitzroy in 1890 and served until his retirement before the 1925 season when he was presented with a 50 pound cheque, a smoker's outfit and a cake stand for his wife.

Mitchell had been a successful boxer in the 1880s before an illness forced him to move out of the ring and into training both boxers and wrestlers. In the early 1900s he also trained the Melbourne Harriers athletics and Melbourne lacrosse clubs.

His son Les played three games in 1910.

Also known as "Jem" in some sources.


Sportsman - 23/07/1890
Punch - 15/01/1901
Herald - 27/03/1925

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