Andrew Manzie

Image DOB: 1863
Died: 9 September 1943

Life Member

The Richmond secretary was initially elected to that club's committee in 1901, and after serving as chairman of the committee and association delegate he was appointed to the secretary job in 1906, becoming their first VFL secretary in 1908.

At the end of 1911 a group of disgruntled supporters attemped to unseat him, and though he won the election to stay he resigned at a fiery Annual General Meeting and crossed to Melbourne in 1912. 3000 members of the MCC had signed a request for him to join their football club. His decision had been made easier by the fact that is son played cricket for the MCC, and that he lived in Richmond so was still within walking distance of work.

By 1915 he had helped rebuild the club and they played finals again, but cruelly the First World War forced the Fuschias into recess the next season. With the side destroyed by the conflict Manzie had to rebuild the club and they wouldn't play finals again until 1925.

In 1921 he was named Team Manager of a VFL side which travelled to Sydney to play New South Wales. In 1924 he was made a life member of the VFL and the next year was elected the league's delegate and treasurer to the Australasian Football Council. Manzie sat on a number of VFL committees, and in 1915 was honorary treasurer of the competition.

He served in his role at Melbourne until the end of 1931 when the strain of increasing business responsibilities started to clash with his work at the football club.

He was also a life member of Richmond.

Argus - 16/12/1931
Examiner - 10/09/1943

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