Coach: Alex Hall
Captain: Vin Coutie
Finishing Position: 7th
Best and Fairest: n/a
Leading Goalkicker: Harry Brereton (46)
Best First Year Player: n/a

Matches Ladder Playing List

For the first time clubs were allowed to openly pay players instead of doing it under the table or disguising payments as 'expenses'. An earlier attempt at introducing professionalism failed to achieve the required 75% majority, before a later vote saw the change approved by all clubs except Melbourne and University. Under pressure from the MCC, the league allowed any player to remain amateur if he wished. Melbourne continued to pay players 5/ a week to cover his tram fare and no more unless he could show that he lost money through employment to train or play. Some players who wished to remain purely amateur refused to even take tram fare. Many players were compensated with jobs either with the MCC or with the companies of prominent supporters.

During the pre-season Melbourne looked like being bolstered from a number of Fitzroy players who had left Brunswick Street due to off-field turmoil, but most returned to their old club before the start of the season. Regardless, the Reds were still much-improved and finished comfortably mid-table.

The Round 2 match against Geelong ended in a protest which was dismissed. The claim was that Geelong shouldn't have received a point which came when the ball was punched through after the bell.

Elections for the committee saw Bernie Nolan (213 votes), WM Cattlin (212), CE Couchman (198), Amos Norcott (191) and J. Nevill (151) elected. J Urquhart (116) and HD Westley (69) were unsuccessful.

Melbourne's delegates to the league were Bill McClelland and Bernie Nolan.

Premiership season

1 FitzroyWIN72-70
2 GeelongDRAW54-54
3 EssendonLOSS9-47
4 South MelbourneLOSS59-85
5 St. KildaWIN69-31
6 CollingwoodLOSS43-49
7 RichmondLOSS48-69
8 UniversityWIN67-39
9 CarltonLOSS56-89
10 FitzroyLOSS35-63
11 GeelongWIN67-55
12 EssendonLOSS49-57
13 South MelbourneLOSS49-62
14 St. KildaWIN77-39
15 CollingwoodLOSS30-52
16 RichmondWIN60-51
17 UniversityWIN91-29
18 CarltonLOSS54-62


South Melbourne1314140.454
St. Kilda201648.18

Exhibition matches

Wagga League WIN130-105
Combined Sydney B WIN132-60

Playing List

Bill Allen 166
Harry Brereton 1746
Harry Cope 81
Vin Coutie 916
Harold Curran 20
Ken Edgar 20
Stan Fairbairn 1112
Jim Fitzpatrick 83
Bill Flintoft 92
Jack Geggie 10
Alf George 123
Frank Harris 151
Bill Henderson 70
Bill Hendrie 186
Bill Hickey 141
Joe Hodgkins 21
Billy Irwin 21
Mal Kennedy 114
Jack Leith 33
Bill McKenzie 182
Bill McKeone 10
Bobby Monk 130
Jim Moore 10
Wally Naismith 180
Jimmy Nolan 10
Hughie Odgers 181
Joe Pearce 160
Ted Politz 85
Jack Robertson 165
Leo Rush 64
Ben Sheppard 41
Jack Smith 101
George St John 10
Wally Sykes 54
Hedley Tomkins 177
Fred Whelpton 40

Independent - 25/03/1911
Referee - 17/05/1911
Argus - 16/06/1911

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