The following family combinations have played senior football for Melbourne.

For the 1951 season rules were altered so that sons could play with their father's club if the father had played more than 50 VFL senior games. In 1964 the rule was altered to cover club administrators including President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Coach or a senior committee member with 10 years service. In 1969 the total number of games required was reduced to 40.

For AFLW players, father's need only have played one game for the club.


Ron Barassi Sr - Ron Barassi Jr
George Bickford - Stephen Bickford
Lloyd Burgmann - Shane Burgmann
Des Campbell - Bradley Campbell
Bert Chadwick - Bob Chadwick
Denis Clark - Michael Clark
Jack Collins - Geoff Collins, Mike Collins
Edward Cordner - Don Cordner, Denis Cordner, Ted Cordner, John Cordner
Ted Cordner - David Cordner
Brent Crosswell - Tom Kavanagh
Roy Dowsing - Rob Dowsing
Adrian Dullard - Tony Dullard
Richie Emselle - Ken Emselle
Jack Foster - Rob Foster
Alan Johnson - Chris Johnson
Robert C Johnson - Robert B Johnson
John Lord Sr. - John Lord Jr.
Herb Matthews - Norm Matthews
Peter Maynard - Corey Maynard
Bob McKenzie - Robert McKenzie
Tom McLean - Glenn McLean
Graham Molloy - Glenn Molloy
Norm Smith - Peter Smith
Shaun Smith - Joel Smith
Steven Stretch - Billy Stretch
Tony Sullivan - Chris Sullivan
Todd Viney - Jack Viney
Shane Woewodin - Taj Woewodin

Coach Frank "Checker" Hughes also saw his son Frank Hughes Jr. play at the club.


Georgia Campbell - Adrian Campbell

Father/Son draft selections

1988 Tom Kavanagh Brent Crosswell
1992 Glenn Molloy Graham Molloy
1992 Bradley Campbell Des Campbell
2003 Chris Johnson Alan Johnson
2012 Jack Viney Todd Viney
2015 Billy Stretch Steven Stretch

Father/Daughter draft selections

2021 Georgia Campbell Adrian Campbell
2023 Jemma Rigoni Guy Rigoni



Clarrie Abbott - Les Abbott
Bob Abernethy - Jimmy Abernethy
Mark Alves - Stan Alves
Art Atkinson - Bill Atkinson
Billy Barham - Jamie Barham
Campbell Brady - Laurie Brady
Donald Cockatoo-Collins - David Cockatoo-Collins
Denis Cordner - Don Cordner - John Cordner - Ted Cordner
Geoff Collins - Mike Collins
Cecil Cumberland - Vic Cumberland
Edgar Dunbar - Harold Dunbar - Hugh Dunbar
Robert Elliott - Glenn Elliott - Bruce Elliott
Steven Febey - Matthew Febey
Rick Feldmann - Derek Feldmann
John Fidge - Ted Fidge
Robert Flower - Tom Flower
Corrie Gardner - Eric Gardner - Mark Gardner
Vin Gardiner - Jack Gardiner
Peter Giles - Glenn Giles
John Hamilton - Peter Hamilton
Cedric Hay - Harold Hay
Jack Heal - Stan Heal
Gerard Healy - Greg Healy
Matt Incigneri - Len Incigneri
Brian Leahy - Terry Leahy - John Leahy
Bob Love - Percy Love
Anthony McDonald - James McDonald
Tom McDonald - Oscar McDonald
Shane McGrath - Frank McGrath
Laurie Mithen - Kevin Mithen
Charlie Newman - Dave Newman
Colin Niven - Ray Niven
Bernie Nolan - Jimmy Nolan
Gordon Ogden - Terry Ogden
Hugh Purse - Jack Purse
Harold Rippon - Les Rippon - Norm Rippon
Frank Rugolo - Joe Rugolo
Bill Scanlan - Frank Scanlan
Gerald Sheahan - Fred Sheahan
Norm Smith - Len Smith
Jim Stynes - Brian Stynes
John Tossol - Peter Tossol
Todd Viney - Jay Viney
Josh Wagner - Corey Wagner
Alf Wilson - Percy Wilson


Blaithin Mackin - Aimee Mackin


Edward Cordner - David Cordner
Herb Matthews - Herbie Matthews


Don Cordner - Harriet Cordner


David Flintoff and Garry Lyon
Gordon Jones and Colin Niven
Hassa Mann and Len Mann
Joe Pearce and Jack Mueller
Ern Rowarth and Alan Rowarth

Great Grandfather

Bob Spargo and Charlie Spargo

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