Round 16 1979

Round 16, 1979
Melbourne vs Carlton
Saturday 21 July
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 26,389

Match Statistics

Carlton win by 79 points

Goalkickers: Ray Biffin 5, Peter Thorne 2, Phil Carman 1, Graham Gaunt 1

Last MFC Game
Phil Carman

After failing to kick a goal in the opening quarter, Melbourne had rebounded to be just three goals behind the Blues at half time before falling to pieces after the break. They kicked 3.3 to 11.16, a 21 scoring shot deficit that the Demons were unable to do anything to combat.

In his post match press conference a frustrated Carl Ditterich said that he would reconsider his future at the end of the year, but the only thing stopping him from quitting was that Carl Ditterich didn't quit.

After abusing his players in front of spectators after the game, Ditterich accused his players of "pathetic mental weakness" and criticised players who wouldn't learn. Some players who take something from the loss the rest, "will shrug it off, laugh and go away and get drunk".

The Demons suffered a range of injuries. Glenn Elliott was replaced in the selected side, Graham Gaunt hurt his ankle Robert Flower his shoulder and Ditterich his ankle. Phil Carman broke his thumb, and hurt his knee. It was his last game for the Demons.

Biffin, Fowler and Gaunt were named as best for Melbourne but it was scant consolation to their shattered coach. Ditterich gave his side a blast after the match, but their situation wouldn't get any better the next week against Fitzroy at Waverley.

Carlton 16.24.114 d. Melbourne 9.13.67
Boals - Maynard 3, Wallace 2, Barnes 1, Flower 1, O'Donnell 1, Woodman 1
Best - Barnes, Denny, Sullivan

Under 19s
Carlton 16.14.110 defeated Melbourne 8.16.64
Goals - Bardoel 2, Richards 2, Burn 1, Juliffe 1, McCormack 1, Parish 1
Best - Cochrane, Green, Vanderheyden

Canberra Times - 22/07/1979
Age - 23/07/1979
Football Record R17 1979

Blueseum match report

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