Coach: n/a
Captain: Ned Sutton
Finishing Position: 6th
Best and Fairest: n/a
Leading Goalkicker: Charlie Young (21)
Best First Year Player: n/a

Matches Ladder Playing List

The Reds started their second VFL season strongly, and were 5-3 after the first eight weeks before falling in a hole late in the season.

The system where every team made the 'finals' gave them one last chance to earn a victory, beating the hapless St Kilda - finishing up their second straight winless season - for the third time during the season.

In June an 'old players' game took place between Melbourne and Essendon. Melbourne were supposed to be represented by Rannard, Garton, McAllister, J. Morris (C), Strachan, H. Morrison (VC), Spooner, King, Barrass, Franks, Douglas, Norcott, Plante, Lowe, McGregor, Parry, Rush, Harry, Aitken, Stiffe, Longden, Crohan, Booth, Lucas, Tuckfield, Dodds, Robinson, Thewlis and Wilmot but the final side was Garton, McAllister, Norcott, J. Morris (c), Macgregor, Barrass, Miller, Longden, Crohan, King, Morrison, Swyer, Thewlis, Gillett, Spooner, Franks, Harry, Plant, Douglas and Strachan.

The game was deliberately played for comedy value and Melbourne won by 5.1 to 2.8.

Practice Matches

Brighton WIN 46-36
Public Schools ?

Premiership Season

1 St. Kilda WIN
2 CarltonWIN
3 CollingwoodWIN
4 FitzroyLOSS
5 EssendonLOSS
6 South MelbourneLOSS
7 GeelongWIN
8 St. KildaWIN
9 CarltonDRAW
10 CollingwoodLOSS
11 FitzroyLOSS
12 EssendonLOSS
13 South MelbourneLOSS
14 GeelongLOSS
15 Geelong LOSS
16 St. Kilda WIN
17 Collingwood LOSS


South Melbourne70789.628
St. Kilda001433.50

Section B Finals Ladder

St. Kilda00329.20

Playing List

Jimmy Aitken 4 0
Art Atkinson 41
Bill Atkinson 30
Eddie Byers 130
John Coghlan 50
Vic Cumberland 30
Tom Davey 80
Jack Davidson 40
Herbert Fry 10
Stewart Geddes 113
Jack Graham 40
Henry Hagenauer 10
Maurie Herring 13 0
Percy Howard 54
George Johnstone 50
Denis Lanigan 161
Jack Leith 1617
Austin Lewis 162
Les MacPherson 31
Bill McClelland 10
Bill McCulloch 31
Fred McGinis 175
Norm McLeod 40
Henry Mitchell 120
George Moodie 165
Bob Moore 20
George Moysey 85
Dick Pirrie 122
Harold Rippon 40
Les Rippon 60
Norm Rippon 10
Dick Robertson 50
Bobby Royle 30
Jimmy Russell 43
Pat Scanlan 52
Eddie Sholl 110
Frank Staines 50
Wally Steele 143
Dave Strahan 110
Ned Sutton 150
John Timothee 20
Dick Wardill 125
Alf Wood 171
Charlie Young 1521

Some sources show a game against West Melbourne on 30/04 at Wesley College. West Melbourne played Essendon on on this day, with no corresponding MFC fixture.
Argus - 06/06/1898
Argus - 22/06/1898
Age - 23/06/1898
Argus - 23/06/1898
Leader - 25/06/1898
Argus - 27/03/1899

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