Coach: Neale Daniher
Captain: Todd Viney
Finishing Position: 14th
Best and Fairest: David Schwarz
Leading Goalkicker: David Neitz (46)
Best First Year Player: n/a
Major Sponsor : LG Electronics
Members: 19,713

Matches Ladder Playing List Best and Fairest Reserves

After a shock rise from 1997 wooden spooners to 1998 preliminary finalists Neale Daniher repeated his 1998 pre-season plan of sending the players to four weeks of 'school', split between theory and training, but the results were more like a return to '97 than his first year.

After a Round 1 victory the Demons won just five more times for the year and lost their last nine to finish third last. To add insult to injury they were forced to hand their first pick in the 1999 National Draft to Fremantle as compensation for taking Jeff White with money outside the salary cap.

The club's voluntary admission of salary cap violations in previous years, which began with President Joseph Gutnick calling for an enquiry after an internal audit revealed they paid more than $800,000 outside the cap, saw Melbourne hit with a $600,000 fine. $250,000 was suspended on the condition that the club not be involved in any serious breaches for five years and they were also stripped of their first three picks of the 2000 Draft as well. They later got back their first pick in 2000.

In August CEO Cameron Schwab retired after disagreements with Gutnick. Garry Lyon, who retired during the season, joined in a public disagreement with the President over the issue. With five vacancies on the board at the end of the year Gutnick endorsed Mark Rothfield, Peter Hayes, Gabriel Szondy, Beverley O'Connor and Stephen Bickford. This ticket was opposed by Ian Thorogood, Gary Hardeman, Ralph Glezer, Aris Imbardelli, Garry Pearce and existing director Angus Graham.

The club made a $1,494,645 loss. Salary cap fines, tax debts and an undisclosed severence payment to Schwab accounted for $1.2m on top of a trading loss of $298k.

The club end of season trip to Cancun, Mexico was notable for the players deciding to train while on the trip in an attempt to build fitness for the 2000 season, and to atone for their poor performance in '99.

Practice Matches

Adelaide WIN78-73
Carlton LOSS112-149
Sydney WIN62-38
Fremantle WIN78-69

Ansett Australia Cup

1 St. Kilda LOSS60-81

Premiership Season

1 Richmond WIN104-87
2 St. KildaLOSS84-130
3 GeelongLOSS91-97
4 HawthornWIN85-84
5 Port AdelaideWIN90-66
6 Brisbane LionsLOSS70-93
7 EssendonWIN134-113
8 Western BulldogsLOSS53-117
9 CarltonLOSS64-97
10 FremantleLOSS90-144
11 CollingwoodWIN89-78
12 KangaroosLOSS92-93
13 AdelaideWIN109-91
14 West CoastLOSS77-112
15 SydneyLOSS74-125
16 RichmondLOSS82-107
17 St. KildaLOSS79-98
18 GeelongLOSS80-101
19 HawthornLOSS54-122
20 Port AdelaideLOSS46-63
21 Brisbane LionsLOSS104-159
22 EssendonLOSS99-116


Western Bulldogs1516118.662
West Coast12010106.848
Port Adelaide1201090.148
St. Kilda1001297.940

Best and Fairest

1st David Schwarz 271
2nd Shane Woewodin 270
3rd Andrew Leoncelli 253
4th Anthony Ingerson 214
5th David Neitz 201
6th Matthew Febey 185
7th Todd Viney 180
8th Paul Hopgood 170
9th Guy Rigoni 162
10th Peter Walsh 117
11th Stephen Tingay 114
12th Jeff Farmer 109
13th Jeff White 105
14th Adem Yze 101
15th Daniel Ward 85
16th Steven Febey 82
17th Scott Chisholm 80
18th Troy Longmuir 54
19th Jamie Shanahan 52
20th Marcus Seecamp 29
21st Darren Kowal 28
22nd Travis Johnstone 26
23rd Russell Robertson 25
24th Brent Grgic 23
25th Garry Lyon 18
26th Matthew Bishop 17
27th Ben Beams 14
28th Alistair Nicholson 12
29th Anthony McDonald 10
30th Glenn Lovett 6

Other Awards
Best Team Player - Anthony Ingerson
Inspiration Award - David Schwarz
Most Consistent - David Schwarz and Shane Woewodin
Most Improved - Daniel Ward

Ansett Cup R1 Jamie Shanahan Tripping 2 matches
Ansett Cup R1 Nick Carter Striking 2 matches
Round 10 Adem Yze Striking Not Guilty
Round 19 Matthew Bishop Charging Cleared
Round 21 David Schwarz Melee $2000 fine
Round 21 Travis Johnstone Melee $2000 fine
Round 21 Matthew Bishop Melee $1500 fine
Round 21 Andrew Leoncelli Melee $1500 fine
Round 21 Todd Viney Melee $1000 fine
Round 21 Daniel Ward Melee $1000 fine
Round 21 Guy Rigoni Melee $1000 fine
Round 22 Marcus Seecamp Headbutting Four matches
Round 22 Brent Grgic Striking Withdrawn
Round 22 Brent Grgic Striking Withdrawn


1999 Reserves season


St Kilda 1505131.260
Melbourne 1505122.360
Western Bulldogs1109103.944


QF St Kilda LOSS
SF Essendon LOSS

Best and Fairest

1st Nick Carter 210
2nd Damien Peverill 195
3rd Darren Kowal 190
4th Simon Godfrey 174
5th Troy Simmonds 164
6th Cameron Bruce 157
7th Matthew Collins 125
8th Russell Robertson 100
9th Ben Beams 85
10th Craig Smoker 72
11th Nathan Brown 57
12th Daniel Ward 50
13th James McDonald 45
14th Alistair Nicholson 44
15th Luke Williams 43
16th Chris Lamb 42
17th Anthony McDonald 39
18th Matthew Bishop 33
18th Donald Cockatoo-Collins 33
20th Luke Speers 31
21st Scott Chisholm 27
22nd Ricky Frost 25
23rd Paul Hopgood 22
24th Peter Walsh 21
25th Anthony Ferraro 16
26th Troy Longmuir 15
27th Cameron Ramsay 14
27th Marcus Seecamp 14
27th Olly Trand 14
30th Guy Rigoni 13
31st Shannon Gibson 12
31st Travis Johnstone 12
33rd Leigh Newton 10
34th Luke Ottens 7
35th Paul Chapman 6
35th Brett Zorzi 6
37th Steve Hazelman 5

Age - 02/03/1999
Age - 17/11/1999
Herald Sun - 25/11/1999
Age - 13/12/1999

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