President - Cohen
Secretary - Angus Cumming
Vice-Presidents - Dr. Ford, Henry Harrison, Byrne, Walsh
Committee - Ben Goldsmith, Bell, Cumming, Robert Carr
Captain - Ben Goldsmith
Vice-Captain - Larry Bell
Leading goalkicker - Austin Loughnan 9

The original North Melbourne and St Kilda teams were promoted to the senior ranks, becoming the fifth and sixth sides in the city to achieve that status at the time.

At the same meeting the rules were amended in an attempt to reduced scrimmages and quicken the game. "Rabbiting" was out, and players were forced to drop the ball when tackled or be penalised. Once the ball hit the ground it could only be kicked and players had to kick goals instead of forcing them over the line. It was decided that umpires would throw the ball in when it went out of bounds but that players couldn't touch it until it hit the ground. Additionally a rule originally trialled in 1871 that said players could only appear for one club a year was formally adopted - with Melbourne the most seriously affected.

The Reds were challenged by Western district clubs Belfast and Warrnambool to send teams to play them, but the only unusual country trip was to Maryborough in August.

The first scratch match under the new rules took place on Saturday 9 May. The first game of the season was meant to be against Southern on Saturday 25 May, with a Queen's Birthday game at Ballarat on the Monday. Southern didn't turn up, and Ballarat called their match off due to the ground being in a poor state. Melbourne instead played their first game on the following Saturday against North Melbourne. There was supposed to be a return game but North refused to play.

Melbourne were invited to play at Warrnambool and Belfast (now Port Fairy) but were forced to decline as players would be absent from the city for too long.

There was a small balance available to the club at the end of the year.


30 May North Melbourne WIN
6 June Albert Park LOSS
13 June Hawthorn WIN
20 June Carlton LOSS
27 June Richmond WIN
1 July Sandhurst WIN
4 July Albert Park WIN
11 July St Kilda WIN
18 July Carlton LOSS
25 July Richmond WIN
1 August St Kilda DRAW
8 August East Melbourne WIN
15 August Carlton LOSS
22 August Maryborough WIN
29 August Albert Park WIN
5 September Geelong WIN
19 September Carlton LOSS
26 September St Kilda WIN


W. Aitken, W. Barker, Larry Bell, James Bennie, John Bennie, John Booth, James Byrne, Charles Carr, G. Cullen, Angus Cumming, Raleigh Davidson, J. Dowling, Charles Forrester, J. Forrester, M. Fowler, William Freeman, Ben Goldsmith, P. Goldsmith, H. Hammill, F. Haynes, Tom Hepburn, Tommy Horan, Charles Ireland, Irons, H. Jennings, C. Jenvey, J. Johnson, Billy Kneen, E. Longden, Austin Loughnan, Andrew Loughnan, R. Marshall, McArthur, Miller, Moore, Norman, Oliver, H. Ryan, H. Sampson, E. Scott, Bob Sillett, Stokes, F. Strickland, W. Thomas, Edwin Towle, George Watson, C. Wheatland, W. Williams, S. Wilson


Austin Loughnan 9, Angus Cumming 8, Edwin Towle 5, Andrew Loughnan 3, Ben Goldsmith 2, Billy Kneen 2, Bob Sillett 2, Larry Bell 1, Raleigh Davidson 1, Irons 1, McArthur 1

Some sources also have Charles Forrester as captain.

Blueseum 1874 page

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