Round 5 1946

Round 5, 1946
Melbourne vs Footscray
Saturday 18 May
Venue: Punt Road
Attendance: 18,000

Match Statistics

Footscray win by 61 points

Goalkickers: Fred Fanning 5, Jack Mueller 2, Alby Rodda 2, Don Cordner 1, Gerry Daly 1, Ern Rowarth 1

Last MFC Game
Ralph Shalless

Melbourne travelled back to their temporary home at Punt Road with a 3-1 record which had them sitting on the edge of the top four, but were blown away after quarter time but with unheralded Bulldog forward Ron Grove booting ten goals.

It started well for the Demons, with the first four goals before their opponents replied, and six from 14 scoring shots before quarter time. The Bulldogs got two quick goals at the end of the quarter to stay within arms' reach, and when they had their chance with the wind they added 9.6. Melbourne got three goals but were 10 points down at the long break.

With their second chance to use the breeze Melbourne failed miserably. Their half-forward line broke broke down badly, they only managed two goals and were outscored, leaving Footscray to come home with a wet sail in the last quarter for a big win.

It was Footscray's largest ever VFL score to that point, and left them alone unbeaten on top of the ladder. The loss dropped the Demons to seventh, still outside the top four on percentages.

McGrath, Smith and Cordner were best. 19th men were Bowman and Scanlan. Bowman replaced Jack Mueller (illness) at three quarter time.

10 Goals

Melbourne 10.11 d. Footscray 8.11

Sporting Globe - 18/05/1946
Age - 20/05/1946
Football Record R6 1946
Sporting Globe - 22/05/1946

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