Coach: Eddie Drohan
Captain: Vin Coutie
Finishing Position: 9th
Best and Fairest: n/a
Leading Goalkicker: Stan Fairbairn (24)
Best First Year Player: n/a

Matches Ladder Playing List


The season was described as the worst yet in the history of the VFL, thanks to corruption allegations, violent play and lax enforcement of the rules. The league was forced to investigate rumours that South Melbourne players had offered Melbourne players money to 'play dead' in the Round 16 match against South Melbourne, but South were found innocent.

In August, at the insistence of the MFC delegates to the league, all umpires, including goal and boundary, were given the power to report players for violent conduct. It was also the first year where the league formalised that residence should be the main qualification for players, and a committee drafted new rules for player permits.

At Melbourne there was controversy in the pre-season when the committee of the MCC took it upon themselves to alter the rules of elections so they would choose the football committee and the secretary rather than the members. There was also tension amongst players early in the season, and the club blamed a combination of that tension and the loss of several senior players for the poor finish. The committee had also decided that no player who lived more than 25 miles from the city would be invited to play, depriving them of Paddy Mills.

A dispute amongst players early in the saw saw Flintoft, Nolan and Strong out of the side.

An intra-club game was played at the MCG on Saturday 16 April.

Round 2 matches were played a week later than originally scheduled due to the death of King George V. The season was put back on schedule with the merging of a split round in June.

At the conclusion of the season an MFC representative side (pictured above) toured Tasmania.

Practice match

South Yarra WIN81-50

Premiership Season

1 GeelongLOSS42-99
2 RichmondLOSS37-114
3 CarltonLOSS36-69
4 St. KildaWIN54-51
5 CollingwoodLOSS28-76
6 EssendonLOSS67-117
7 South MelbourneLOSS46-81
8 FitzroyLOSS50-66
9 UniversityLOSS35-49
10 GeelongLOSS51-100
11 RichmondLOSS34-87
12 CarltonLOSS35-100
13 St. KildaWIN48-35
14 CollingwoodLOSS48-66
15 EssendonWIN54-42
16 South MelbourneLOSS54-58
17 FitzroyLOSS23-88
18 UniversityWIN60-49


South Melbourne1206122.248
St. Kilda101762.34

Exhibition matches

Northern Tasmanian League WIN68-63
Tasmanian League WIN72-55

Playing List

Bill Allen 142
David Bell 154
Percy Beswicke 90
Harry Brereton 1718
Harry Cope 60
Vin Coutie 1411
Tommy Crow 71
Stan Fairbairn 1624
Jim Fitzpatrick 115
Bill Flintoft 138
Michael George 30
Frank Harris 70
Vernon Hazel 44
Bill Henderson 80
Bill Hendrie 153
Fred Hewitt 30
Joe Hodgkins 12
Les Irwin 104
Otto Landmann 21
Bill McKenzie 160
Ernie McMaster 20
Les Mitchell 31
Bobby Monk 162
Bert Morris 10
Bernie Nolan 30
Hughie Odgers 180
Bert Parke 50
Joe Pearce 180
Archie Pratt 30
Cecil Quinlan 21
Alex Rennolds 50
Jack Robertson 152
Herbert Rodd 95
Tom Sadlier 10
Cyril Steele 30
Jack Strong 33
Wally Sykes 83
Hedley Tomkins 142
Reg Werner 23
Fred Whelpton 20

Some sources suggest that allowing all umpires to report was only a proposal by the VFL to the other states.

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