Coach: Ian Ridley
Captain: Stan Alves
Finishing Position: 10th
Best and Fairest: Carl Ditterich
Leading Goalkicker: Ross Brewer (32)
Best First Year Player: Robert Flower

Matches Ladder Playing List Night Series Best and Fairest Reserves Under 19s

Image Carl Ditterich was the season's star recruit, with the Demons having paid $82,000 for him, but going the other way they lost Ross Dillon to South Australian side Norwood.

Stan Alves succeeded Frank Davis as captain, with 1972 vice-captain Barry Bourke losing his position to Gary Hardeman. Tony Sullivan was named deputy-vice captain.

The VFL extended metropolitan recruiting zones in the southern suburbs, adding the Carrum, Chelsea, Keysborough, Edithvale-Aspendale and Bonbeach clubs to Melbourne's area. This deprived the clubs of a $1000 payment to country sides when their players appeared in league games.

In March the club was embroiled in a controversy with the VFL about finals matches being played at Waverley. It was suggested that Melbourne, Richmond and Collingwood were ready to launch a breakaway competition.

The Demons had every opportunity to flex their muscles in the middle of the season. Four wins out of five had put them on the verge of the top five, but even with a run home that featured matches against the three bottom sides in the last five weeks of the season they won just one more game for the year and finished with eight straight losses.

Ian Ridley was sacked at the end of the season, leading to a player revolt where several senior players had to be lured back to the club after threatening to quit over the decision. Peter Keenan, Ray Biffin, Barry Bourke and Greg Wells all announced they would follow Ridley out of the club before cooler heads prevailed. Bourke was the only one never to play league football again. Ditterich was forced to deny that he was after the senior coaching role.

Eventually Bob Skilton was hired as coach for 1974, the first time the Demons had gone outside the club for a senior coach since Checker Hughes.

The club made a profit of $4382.

Sir Henry Bolte was again club patron while Lord Mayor Alan Walley was #2 Ticket Holder. Arthur King was Melbourne's VFL delegate.

At the end of the year the first election for committee positions was held since 1965. Seven of the retiring committee nominated along with ex-players Robert Miller and Phil Rhoden.

Practice Matches

Carlton WIN129-76
Richmond LOSS87-119

Premiership Season

1 St. Kilda LOSS66-98
2 HawthornWIN100-98
3 CarltonLOSS75-82
4 FitzroyWIN94-87
5 RichmondLOSS91-110
6 CollingwoodLOSS76-100
7 South MelbourneWIN112-83
8 EssendonLOSS71-81
9 FootscrayWIN74-68
10 GeelongWIN139-81
11 North MelbourneWIN90-81
12 St. KildaLOSS54-80
13 HawthornLOSS105-112
14 FitzroyWIN134-97
15 CarltonLOSS81-122
16 RichmondLOSS73-110
17 CollingwoodLOSS87-126
18 South MelbourneLOSS78-86
19 EssendonLOSS101-115
20 FootscrayLOSS73-110
21 GeelongLOSS98-113
22 North MelbourneLOSS66-71


St. Kilda12010105.348
North Melbourne1111097.646
South Melbourne401879.016

Playing List

2 Robert Flower 13 4
3 Trevor Rollinson 40
4 Tony Sullivan 210
5 John Clennett 83
6 Frank Davis 181
7 Graham Osborne 2113
8 Peter Keenan 1513
9 Stephen Kerley 182
10 Carl Ditterich 225
11 Greg Wells 2120
12 Mike Collins 21
14 Barry Bourke 210
15 Stan Alves 2229
17 Denis Clark 143
18 John Tilbrook 2124
19 Ray Biffin 225
20 Shane McSpeerin 45
21 Graham Molloy 44
22 Henry Ritterman 95
23 Shane Fitzsimmons 142
24 Wayne Delmenico 71
26 Greg Parke 2121
27 Ross Brewer 1832
28 Tony Dullard 35
29 Noel Leary 70
30 Peter Williamson 7 2
33 Gary Hardeman 216
34 Mal Owens 30
35 Paul Callery 2228
36 Glenn Swan 1321
39 Peter Dilnot 43
40 John Cumming 40
42 John Morgan 40
43 Frank Giampaolo 34
45 Greg MacDonald 46
49 Ian McGuinness 20
54 Neil Chamberlain 33

Best and Fairest

1st Carl Ditterich
2nd Greg Wells
3rd Barry Bourke
4th Stan Alves
5th Paul Callery
6th Ray Biffin


Round 8 Stephen Kerley Striking 2 weeks
Round 8 Peter Keenan Striking 4 weeks


1973 Reserves Season

Best and Fairest - Noel Leary
Best and Fairest - John Cumming
Outstanding Service - Wayne Delmenico, Ian McGuinness, Henry Ritterman


Under 19s

Captain - Peter Slade
Best and Fairest - Robert Meades
Second Best and Fairest - Ray Potter
Outstanding Service - Neil McMullin, James Ahern, Barry Lierich

Under 17s

Under 17's Best and Fairest - Shane Young
Second Best and Fairest - Robert Santagada
Outstanding Service - Glen Campbell, David Gough, Greg Pimm

Age - 31/01/1973
Age - 14/02/1973
Age 07/03/1973
Age - 02/04/1973
Inside Football - 30/06/1973
Age - 03/10/1973

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