Round 7 1959

Round 7, 1959
Melbourne vs South Melbourne
Saturday 6 June
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 27,829

South Melbourne3.
Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 45 points

Goalkickers: Alan Rowarth 4, Frank Adams 2, Ron Barassi 2, Robert B Johnson 2, Geoff Tunbridge 2, Hassa Mann 1, Ian Ridley 1


South had started the season strongly, but slowed in recent weeks and were no match for the Demons - who should have recorded an even larger victory if they could have kicked straight. Melbourne were too strong, and South ran out of gas in the last after spending three quarters trying to match them bump-for-bump.

The Swans too could have done better had they been able to turn their attacks into scoring shots more often. Their good play around the ground allowed them to stay with the Demons until quarter time before the home side took over. With defender Denis Jones dominating most of their attacks had to go via the flanks, which didn't help their accuracy.

Best were Jones, Bob Johnson and McLean. Adams and Dixon were replaced by Brenchley and Webb respectively in the last quarter.

The victory left Melbourne in third.

South Melbourne 12.25 d. Melbourne 7.12
Goals - Pinfold 3, Butler 2, Turner 1, Wilkinson 1
Best - L. Mann, Kenneally, Stevens

Melbourne 13.7 d. South Melbourne 10.10
Goals - Rolfe 4, Jeffrey 3, Ingwersen 2, J. Leahy 2, Anderson 1, Williams 1
Best - White, Rolfe, Jeffrey

Age - 08/06/1959
Football Record R8 1959

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