Round 5 1967

Round 5, 1967
Footscray vs Melbourne
Saturday 13 May
Venue: Western Oval
Attendance: 15,818

Match Statistics

Footscray win by 1 point

Goalkickers: Ken Emselle 2, Rick Feldmann 2, Peter Smith 2, Neville Stone 2, Ross Dillon 1, Brian Dixon 1, Gary Hardeman 1, Bryan Kenneally 1

First Goal
Rick Feldmann (8th game)
Gary Hardeman (3rd game)

A game that was expected to go down to the wire due to the two strong defences on offer did just that, but it was the Dogs who came out on top when Don McKenzie snuck onto the ground from the boundary line and took a mark to kick the winning-goal in the dying moments of the match.

Controversially banished to the bench that week McKenzie goalled with his only kick for the day and just 35 seconds left on the clock. He still had to convert from a difficult angle into a breeze but kicked truly to deliver the four points.

The Demons had reigned in a four goal deficit with their use of the breeze in the last quarter to hit the lead, and with Brian Dixon providing a steady supply through the half-forward flank Melbourne took the lead when Peter Smith goalled from a free kick with a minute left. Dixon had spent the week embroiled in controversy when the club were forced to deny he and Norm Smith had fallen out and that Smith had asked him to retire.

The coach's son put the side in front, but McKenzie would fly high over a pack to take the mark of the day and kick the winning goal less than half a minute later.

Best were Dillon, R. Feldmann and Dixon. Osborne (bruised thigh) was replaced by Vagg in the last quarter and Leahy (bruised heel) by Stewart in the last quarter.

Footscray 13.8 d. Melbourne 12.9
Goals - Dowsing 7, Parke 2, Hollioake 1, Fowler 1, Whitton 1
Best - Dowsing, Parke, Jones

Under 19s
Footscray 17.10 d. Melbourne 7.12
Goals - Gordon 4, Watts 1, Meldrum 1, Jackson 1
Best - Maygar, Hooper, Calleja

Football Record R6 1967
Age - 15/05/1967

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