Round 4 1978

Round 4, 1978
Melbourne vs Footscray
Saturday 22 April
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 14,865

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 7 points

Goalkickers: Ross Brewer 7, Henry Coles 2, Peter Johnston 2, Steven Smith 2, Garry Baker 1, Robert Flower 1, Colin Graham 1, Phil Seaton 1, Greg Wells 1

MFC Debut
Graham Gaunt

With the Bulldogs in open revolt and players threatening a strike if their committee didn't resign it was hardly conditions conducive to a great performance, and at half time it looked like the Demons were going to have an easy ten goal victory.

The Dogs found pride in a third quarter fightback and they nearly won the game. Footscray were a different team in the second half and kicked 13.3 to Melbourne's 7.12. The Demons could have had more but botched multiple scoring opportunities - a tale repeated many times in their recent history.

Ted Whitten Jr kicked four goals in the last quarter and the Dogs got close but time ran out on them.

Denis Jones said "The effort by the players was good. They maintained the pressure and are continuing to improve. So far though they are only babes in the confidence area. We should have won by 10 goals". Under the pump Dogs coach Don McKenzie could only offer: "My players were bone lazy in that first half. They refused to run and wouldn't pick up their opponents".

Best were Greg Wells, Ross Brewer and Garry Baker.

Footscray 23.17.155 d. Melbourne 16.19.115
Goals - Walters 8, T. Flower 3, Whitford 2, Clarke 1, Cooke 1, Hunnibell 1
Best - Walters, Code, Garrett
Reported - Alves (striking)

Under 19s
Melbourne 22.18.150 defeated Footscray 9.12.66
Goals - Sadauskas 4, Jullis 4, Quine 3, De Munk 2, Hayes 2, Maynard 2, Nobbs 2, Wallace 2, Elshaug 1
Best - Maynard, Wallace, Jullis

Age - 24/04/1978
Football Record R5 1978

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