Round 3 1993

Round 3, 1993
Brisbane Bears vs Melbourne
Sunday 11 April
Venue: Gabba
Attendance: 12,821

Match Statistics

Brisbane win by 2 points

Goalkickers: Darren Bennett 4, Greg Healy 2, Darren Kowal 2, Andy Lovell 2, Matthew Febey 1, Glenn Lovett 1, David Neitz 1, Andrew Obst 1, Steven Stretch 1, Jim Stynes 1, Stephen Tingay 1

Brownlow votes:
2 - Glenn Lovett


Melbourne provided the opposition for Brisbane's debut at the Gabba, with both sides looking for the first win of the season. The Bears finished six games behind Melbourne on the 1992 ladder but were clearly the better side for the first half. They had extended a 26 point half time lead to be in front by 43 during the third term before the visitors launched a storming comeback, grabbing a 17 point lead after slamming on 9.6.60 to nothing from the 13 minute mark. Brisbane coach Robert Walls blasted his side at three quarter time and they held Melbourne to two goals in the last quarter, winning a thriller off the back of a career best six goals from Roger Merrett.

The Bears regained the lead seven minutes into the last term, and a goal saving tackle on Brett Lovett was turned into a Brisbane goal at the other end.

Neil Balme said: "You can't win games with just 20 minutes of effort. We played a pretty ordinary first half of footy but then had the momentum to win at three quarter time".

Best were Lovell, Viney and G. Lovett.

Matthew Febey was reported on trial by video for striking Danny Noonan with a right arm to the head and suspended for two matches, despite his claims that he was trying to knock the ball from Noonan's hand and contacted his shoulder. Haydn Robins was also suspended for two matches for striking David Bain after being reported on the day, calling his action to stop Bain "careless and uncoordinated".

Richmond 14.16.100 d. Melbourne 10.12.72
Goals - Lamb 3, Mackay 3, Cuthbertson 2, A. Campbell 1, Doyle 1
Best - Goodwin, Cohen, Lamb


Age - 11/04/1993, 15/04/1993
Canberra Times - 12/04/1993
Canberra Times - 15/04/1993
Football Record R4 1993

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