Round 15 1930

Round 15, 1930
Melbourne vs Carlton
Saturday 23 August
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 31,481

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 6 points

Goalkickers: George Margitich 4, Richard Taylor 3, Jimmy Abernethy 1, Bill Cutler 1, Ted Esposito 1, Harry Long 1, Edwin Pemberton 1

First Game
Howard Steel

100 Games
Jimmy Abernethy

Having been thrashed by Collingwood a week earlier few gave Melbourne a hope of toppling the first placed Blues for the second time in one season, but after three quarters when the teams were never separated by more than three points the Reds found themselves in front at the final bell.

The largest crowd of the day also saw the best match, despite a wet ground from recent rains. Every attempt by Carlton to outmuscle their opponents was met front on by the home side who were missing Wittman and Johnson. Sportsmanship was disposed of as players continually knocked each other over after they disposed of the ball.

With the wet field being churned up by ploayers early in the game, the Reds held their own early but struggled to score. The first quarter turned when a Carlton player had the opportunity to kick his side's second but was tackled by Ogden running into an open goal, and the Demons went down the other end for the first of three goals that put them in front at the first change. Two late Carlton goals reduced the lead to three at the change, a better performance than expected but with some help from the breeze.

The Blues took the lead early in the second half, looking more dangerous with their straight ahead direct play, before another Carlton mistake let Margitich in for a much-needed goal. The sides traded goals at the end of the term, with Taylor giving his team the lead by a point at the break. The lead got out to seven early in the quarter, before Carlton hit back from a free. With the play congested scoring was difficult and the sides went into the last change locked at 8.8 apiece.

A goal and a point to Carlton opened the term, before Pemberton cut the gap, then Margitich set up Cutler for Melbourne's 10th and the lead. The Blues' big men tired, and though numerous Demon attacks broke down on the half-forward line they held on until there were eight minutes left and the margin was cut to a point. Then Margitich kicked two goals to put his side comfortably back in front again. Carlton rallied to cut the gap to six, before an after the siren kick from a long way out failed to make the distance.

With matches against two finals contenders on the horizon it was a crucial victory for the Reds who put themselves firmly inside the four with two games to spare and just three weeks of the season left. With his four goals George Margitich passed the club goalkicking record set by Harry Davie in 1925.

Best were Tymms, Long and Esposito. Bill Cutler was reported three times, found guilty twice (for striking and attempted striking) and suspended for a total of 12 matches. Moodie replaced McDonald (injured) at half time, and Steele was in the hands of trainers just before three quarter time.

After the siren

Sporting Globe gave the crowd as 26,000.

Sporting Globe - 20/08/1930
Sporting Globe - 23/08/1930
Australasian - 30/08/1930
Football Record R16 1930

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