Round 10 1979

Round 10, 1979
St. Kilda vs Melbourne
Saturday 9 June
Venue: Moorabbin
Attendance: 17,390

St. Kilda3.
Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 20 points

Goalkickers: Robert Flower 3, Tom Flower 3, Andrew Moir 2, Carl Ditterich 1, Graham Gaunt 1, Greg Wells 1, Ken Whitfort 1

200 Games
Greg Wells

Image After five losses, Melbourne broke through for a much-needed win on the back of a brave performance by Robert Flower. He had been ill for a week, and bedridden until 11am on the morning of the game. Officials said he was 70% fit, and Carl Ditterich said he shouldn't have granted Flower's request to play. Garry Baker and Tony Dullard were also playing injured, but Flower led his side to a brave victory. He was best on ground, playing two and a half quarters as a ruck/rover, then moving to the forward line midway through the third quarter. There he added two goals in six minutes, and set up another that had the Demons 37 points ahead at the final change.

Ditterich returned from suspension and was booed onto the ground by the fans of the club he'd left the year before. Their mood didn't get any better when he clashed with Paul Callery and was publicly admonished by umpire Graham Marcy.

By the final term, both Flower and his teammates were out of energy but they had done enough to hold on and win. After a week with stomach and kidney pains, Flower could barely speak after the game. He said "When I ran today, my chest was as sore as a boil" and said he was going back to bed straight after the match.

Ditterich said: "I was very happy with the young players, with the way they attacked the ball". He paid tribute to Flower, who played because the club had already lost several players to injury and illness.

St Kilda 14.11.95 d. Melbourne 11.10.76
Goals - Gull 2, Wallace 2, Woodman 2, Byrne 1, Durnan 1, Lockwood 1, Seaton 1, Thorne 1
Best - Denny, Woodman, Seaton

Under 19s
St. Kilda 14.6.90 d. Melbourne 11.22.88
Goals - Logie 3, Parish 3, Walters 2, Chappell 1, Byrne 1, Elshaug 1
Best - McKissack, Elshaug, O'Brien

Sunday Press - 10/06/1979
Age - 11/06/1979
Football Record R11 1979

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