1910 practice match vs South Yarra

Saturday 23 April - MCG

Melbourne 3.3, 7.6, 10.12, 11.15.81
South Yarra 2.1, 4.4, 5.5, 7.8.50

Melbourne win by 31 points

Goalkickers: Brereton 5, Tomkins 3, Gordon 1, Bell 1, Fitzpatrick 1

The visitors put up a surprisingly strong performance against a Melbourne side carrying many first choice players. When South Yarra missed a chance early in the second quarter, Melbourne countered with two in a row and the lead stretched to 20 points at the break. The fatal damage was done in the third quarter, where the Reds kicked 3.6 to 1.1.

B: Irwin, Pearce, Thompson
HB: Odgers, Geggie, Monk
C: Sykes, Crow, George
HF: Fitzpatrick, Coutie, Brereton
F: Bell, Hall, Werner
Foll: Hewitt, Gordon, Tomkins

Herald - 23/04/1910
Argus - 25/04/1910

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