Steve Harris

Image Appointed in 2004, Harris was forced out of the club just weeks before the 2008 season and replaced by Paul McNamee.

After his 'resignation', President Paul Gardner said;

"I think everyone was disappointed last year. This time last year Melbourne was touted as being one of the best Victorian teams; it had ranked fifth in 2006, we had high expectations and we were looking at a profit of $1 million. We barely gave a yelp on the field and we made a profit of $100,000.

"I think he (Harris) was disappointed and decided it was time to move on and we respect that decision. There's always a natural tension between chair (of the board) and CEO and I think it's a healthy tension. I'm sorry to see him go".

Tension between CEO and board was clear, but in Harris' time debt of more than $5 million was reduced to $2.7m, revenue jumped 41% and membership 36%.


"No cash, no home: Happy Birthday Demons" - The Age 22/03/2008

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