September 1880 match vs Hotham

Saturday 4 September - Hotham Hurling Ground

Melbourne 2.14
Hotham 1.10 (half time 1-0)

Melbourne win by 1 goal

Goalkicker: Hopkins, W. Longden

The field was in poor condition, even showing the hoof-marks of recently grazing cattle, and the uneven turf made for a difficult footballing surface.

Hotham were aided by a strong breeze in the first half and scored the first behind after 10 minutes, but immediately from the kickoff Melbourne pushed forward and got a behind of their own.

The visitors were lucky to stay in front, with Hotham having a set shot from 25 yards which didn't even register a behind, and soon after they hit the post as well. From the restart Melbourne went forward and kicked the first goal of the game through Hopkins after a little mark courtesy of a Watson kick.

Melbourne had the better of the game until haf time without being able to score, and with the aid of the breeze W. Longden gave Melbourne a second goal. Hotham scored one late but time was called not long afterwards.

Selected team
J. Adams, D. Aitken, F. Baker, J. Bennie, R. Booth, W. Boys, HJ Downes, A. Hopkins, SC Lamrock, EW Longden, W. Longden, J. Macdonald, M. McKenzie, W. Manifold, JG McKie, T. Nash, F. Power, R. Simson, EA Smart, JF Watson. Emergencies - A. Young, C. Jenvey.

Argus - 04/09/1880
Argus - 07/09/1880
Australasian - 11/09/1880

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