September 1868 match vs Geelong

Saturday 5 September - Argyle Ground


Match drawn

Goalkicker: Charles Chessell

After the metropolitan team had arrived by train the two sides went to the adjacent Argyle Hotel for lunch, where the two opposing captains drank a toast to each other before the match began.

Each side provided an umpire to adjudicate for the game, and once the crowd was dispersed from the ground Melbourne won the toss and kicked with a strong breeze.

The visitors were continually on the back foot early, but defended stoutly until Geelong finally broke through to take the lead. The change of ends gave them the use of the wind and it seemed that they would quickly wrap up the match - but despite one goal which the Geelong team and many Melbourne players thought was valid but ruled out by the umpire they couldn't manage it.

A burst ball gave Melbourne the chance to regroup and they equalised via the visiting Emerald Hill captain Chessell. Time expired but the two sides continued to press on looking for a winner. Neither side could get the all important goal before darkness fell, and both teams left the ground with a number of war wounds but no victory.

Best were Freeman, Bell and Bennie.

Selected team
L. Bell, Bennie, Bruford, Byrne, C. Forrester, Freeman (c), T. Hope, Hepburn, Hinton, Green, J. Moodie, S. Moodie, McLennan, C. Hilsden, Adamson, Barrass and Robinson.

Herald and Age have Barfoot playing instead of Adamson

Argus - 19/09/1868
Leader - 26/09/1868

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