September 1866 match vs South Yarra

Saturday 15 September - Fawkner Park

South Yarra 2
Melbourne 0

South Yarra win

South Yarra went into the last game of the season only needing a draw to retain the Challenge Cup which they had won on the first day of the season, and they went one better by winning a convincing victory over Melbourne. After criticism earlier in the year that they were starting games late, and ending unnecessarily early to try and ensure teams couldn't kick two goals against them. Since winning the cup in the first game of the season, South Yarra had only won one match and had escaped the rest of the challenges via draws but came good at the right time to end the year as champions. Their claim was disputed by other clubs, who asked the Athletic Sports Commission to rule on whether they could be regarded as champions due to the number of draws during the year.

Henry Harrison had attempted to drum up the strongest possible team during the week, but couldn't play and was replaced by Conway. South Yarra had also ensured they also brought their best side.

The match was played in cold, pelting rain. Conway won the toss and chose to kick with a strong breeze. Rain came down as soon as the game began, and players spent the whole game slipping while attempting to kick.

After 30 minutes both sets of players were covered in mud, with torn shirts. After 75 minutes of scrambling scrum play, Melbourne should have had the first goal after missing three chances, with Jimmy Campbell going close twice. They kept kicking it 'behind' but could not register a goal. With most spectators having fled the ground South finally scrambled a goal during a lull in the breeze to all but confirm they would take the cup home.

The goal meant a change of ends and South's chance to kick with the wind. Near 5pm they were paid their second goal, even though it was reported to have gone half a yard outside the post. Melbourne objected, but the umpire rejected their appeal.

Selected side
Harrison (c), Bennie, JDC Ireland, R. Ireland, T. Ireland, D. Ogilvy, Lock, Marshall, Finlay, Conway, Fleming, Hepburn, Barfoot, Horan, Snodgrass, Hilsden, T. Gorman, W. Gorman, D. Campbell, J. Campbel, Tracey. Emergencies - Kennedy, Barber, Stephen, G. Waugh, Hewitt, Hurst.

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