Round 9 1987

Round 9, 1987
West Coast vs Melbourne
Sunday 24 May
Venue: Subiaco
Attendance: 23,366

West Coast5.312.916.1220.15.135
Match Statistics

West Coast win by 16 points

Goalkickers: Robert Flower 4, David Williams 4, Garry Lyon 3, Bret Bailey 2, Ricky Jackson 2, Sean Wight 2, Steve Turner 1

Brownlow Votes:
1 - Alan Johnson


Having already lost their first game in Queensland, the Demons followed suit by dropping their first in Western Australia.

Ironically for Robert Flower after doing so much great work for the fans in poor teams over the years he was set to break the club games record of Brian Dixon interstate. He was also forced to visit the Tribunal for the very first time, but as a witness not a defendant after Dean Turner was reported for striking.

Flower was brilliant on a half-forward flank in the first term, and both teams were playing good football. Western Australia's own Warren Dean and Alan Johnson were relishing their homecoming by contributing to the high standard of play, but when Flower limped down to the forward pocket with a knock to his leg it sucked the life of out of the Demons and let West Coast surge to a 35 point lead at half time.

The Demons worked hard to get themselves back into the match and won the second half comfortably but they'd given the Eagles too much of a start and were unable to run them down.

The Eagles made a presentation to Flower after the game but it was a hollow after the defeat.

Northey accused his players of not working hard enough, suggesting “they really let Robbie Flower down when the pressure went on”.

Best were Healy, Lyon and Yeats.


Richmond 21.11.137 d. Melbourne 9.10.64
Goals - Ryan 2, Evans 2, Normington 2, Rugolo 1, Eishold 1, Kiley 1
Best - Sizer, Kiley, Sparks

Under 19s
Richmond 22.14.146 d. Melbourne 11.7.73
Goals - Fasham 3, Lane 2, Crawford 1, Ward-Ambler 1, Newton 1, Beveridge 1, Knight 1, Hewetson 1
Best - Fasham, Hewetson, Minchington

By modern records this was not the game where Flower passed Dixon, but was considered to be so at the time.

Age - 25/05/1987
Football Record R10 1987

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