Round 9 1975

Round 9, 1975
Melbourne vs Fitzroy
Saturday 31 May
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 16,244

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 11 points

Goalkickers: Garry Baker 4, Ross Brewer 4, Stan Alves 2, Carl Ditterich 2, Robert Flower 2, Greg Wells 2, Marty Lyons 1, Steven Smith 1


A remarkable game at the MCG where Melbourne opened up a seven goal lead in the second quarter before Fitzroy hit back, and at one stage led by five goals of their own in the last quarter. They had kicked 13 goals straight to the shellshocked Melbourne's two.

Despite a couple of seemingly consolation goals the Roys were still 20 points in front at the 20 minute mark, but the Demons piled on four goals in time on to snatch a shock victory.

Speaking after the match Fitzroy coach Kevin Rose said "Footballers! They burn your guts out!"

Bob Skilton said "It was disgusting to think we let them in the game from that position, but to come back from where we were, was as good as our play earlier was disgusting".

Rose had turned his side on its head, moving backmen into the forward line and vice-versa, and somehow it worked. It took the Demons making their own changes in the last term to turn the the balance back in their favour. Stan Alves went onto the ball and Garry Baker moved to full-forward. Within fifteen minutes they'd contributed four goals of six in a row.

Despite some controversial umpiring decisions by Ian Robinson, Skilton refused to comment.

Best were Wells, Campbell and Alves. Osborne (sprained ankle) was replaced by Keays in the third quarter. Clark (bruised shoulder) was replaced by Fitzsimmons in the last quarter.

Fitzroy 13.17 d. Melbourne 13.11
Goals - G. Wood 4, Giampaolo 2, K. Smith 2, Sparks 2, Norris 2, Ough 1
Best - Malloy, Wood, Hamilton

Under 19s
Fitzroy 13.14 d. Melbourne 13.9
Goals - Walley 1, Withers 1, Campbell 1, Unknown 9

Age - 02/06/1975
Football Record R10 1975

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