Round 9 1958

Round 9, 1958
South Melbourne vs Melbourne
Saturday 7 June
Venue: Lake Oval
Attendance: 18,860

South Melbourne3.35.58.811.10.76
Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 32 points

Goalkickers: Ron Barassi 3, Ian Ridley 3, Frank Adams 2, Robert C Johnson 2, Clyde Laidlaw 2, Alan Rowarth 2, Geoff Case 1, Athol Webb 1

Last Game
Peter Cook

First Goal
Alan Rowarth (5th game)

Having just made their way back to the top of the ladder the Demons had to go to one of the away grounds they lost at during their 1957 campaign and struggled before kicking away in the last quarter.

Halfway through the third quarter South looked as if they were about to spring a surprise, opening up a 13 point lead, but from there Melbourne took over - kicking 10 goals to three to win comfortably. Poor kicking for goal had cost South all day and ruined any chance they had of an upset despite having been the better side around much of the ground - only winning in defence but being lucky that the Swans converted poorly.

South's fans protested a contentious umpiring decision after paying a free kick to Ian Ridley during the last quarter after he had already kicked a goal when he was flattened by an opponent. They threw bottles at the umpire and stole two balls which landed in the crowd.

Best were Williams, Barassi and Wilson. Adams was replaced by Thorogood at half time due to a bruised shoulder.

It was Melbourne's highest score for the season and their best at South for 15 years.

South Melbourne 12.14 d. Melbourne 10.9
Goals - Crompton 3, Wilkinson 2, Milner 1, Turner 1, Kerr 1, Dunsford 1, Campbell 1
Best - Lord, Rolfe, Milner

South Melbourne 9.9 d. Melbourne 4.9
Goals - Rolfe 2, Grozier 1, Butler 1
Best - Rolfe, Buswell, Butler

Age - 09/06/1958
Football Record R10 1958

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