Round 8 1963

Round 8, 1963
Melbourne vs Geelong
Monday 10 June
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 81,550

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 47 points

Goalkickers: Barry Bourke 2, Ray Groom 2, Ron Barassi 1, Bryan Kenneally 1, John Lord 1, Alan Rowarth 1, Tony Thiessen 1, John Townsend 1, Barrie Vagg 1


Melbourne had alternated between wins and losses in the first seven rounds, leaving Geelong to start favourites on their visit to the city. The Demons went into the game with the very real possibility of falling out of the race for the top four without a loss. The Cats looked likely in the first quarter, but kicked just one more for the rest of the day, allowing Melbourne a much-needed victory. Norm Smith had given an ultimatum that his side had to win and they delivered their best performance of the season.

In wet, slippery conditions, Tassie Johnson played a key role by nullifying Polly Farmer in the ruck, following instructions to stay in front of his opponent all day he won a string of free kicks. Smith's defenders were told to "breathe down the necks" of their opponents, and the forwards to play wide but keep moving. All the players pressured their opponents into submission, with an assist from the boundary line, which they reguarly soccered the ball over.

After his 1.7 the previous week, Barry Bourke gave his side heart with two goals early, and after the first break his side took total control. Bourke didn't kick another goal but plenty of his teammates got on the board.

It was a rough day for Geelong full back Roy West. Twice during the second quarter he got a hand to Melbourne shots, both times seemingly in the field of play, only for the umpire to call a goal. The goals were part of a 2.6 to no score run at the start of the quarter, with the Cats only managing a point.

Geelong's last goal came 10 minutes into the last quarter, and even that was a kick out of a pack.

The scale of the beating was so surprising that Cats coach Bob Davis said: "It is like a nightmare, I just can't believe it happened." Smith said "I asked the players for an all-out team effort, and I got it 100 per cent."

Dixon, Lord and Barassi were best. Emselle replaced Adams and Thiessen replaced Barassi, both in the last quarter.

A meeting to form the Melbourne Old Players Association was held at half time.

Geelong 11.18 d. Melbourne 7.14
Goals - Matthews 2, Nilssen 2, McLean 1, Mann 1, Ireland 1
Best - Rattray, Matthews, Robbie

Under 19s
Geelong 6.6 d. Melbourne 3.10
Goals - Rattray 2, McNab 1
Best - Millard, Davis, Leitch

Age - 10/06/1963
Sun - 10/06/1963
Herald - 10/06/1963
Sporting Globe - 10/06/1963
Age - 11/06/1963
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