Round 8 1956

Round 8, 1956
St. Kilda vs Melbourne
Saturday 2 June
Venue: Junction Oval
Attendance: 26,300

St. Kilda1.
Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 14 points

Goalkickers: Robert B Johnson 2, Ian Ridley 2, Athol Webb 2, Trevor Johnson 1, Jim Sandral 1, Stuart Spencer 1

First Goal
Trevor Johnson (21st game)
Jim Sandral (4th game)

The Demons kept faith with the same side who had narrowly beaten Collingwood a week earlier and overcame a vigorous, but inexperienced St. Kilda side to come away with their 14th straight victory dating back to mid-1955.

The heavy ground - with its centre area covered in mud and slime - made good football impossible, and the bottom side were extremely wasteful with their chances early when they had a chance to upset the league leaders. Melbourne had no such issues and had racked up a match winning lead by half time - which the Saints were still labouring on one goal from 10 scoring shots.

Athol Webb moved to a half-forward flank and his speed was a major contributing factor in the victory, as were the performances of Brian Dixon, Stuart Spencer and Ian Ridley.

Barassi and Ridley were replaced by McGivern and Bull respectively due to cramp.

Melbourne 12.25 d. St Kilda 9.5
Goals - Unknown
Best - Hayes, Kerr, Thorogood

St Kilda 10.8 d. Melbourne 2.1

Argus - 30/05/1956
Age - 04/06/1956
Football Record R9 1956

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