Round 7 1984

Round 7, 1984
Melbourne vs Carlton
Saturday 12 May
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 41,079

Match Statistics

Carlton win by 17 points

Goalkickers: David Cordner 5, Greg Healy 3, Steven Smith 2, Peter Thorne 2, Bret Bailey 1, Peter Giles 1, Alan Johnson 1, Mark Withers 1

Brownlow Votes:
2 - Peter Moore
1 - Robert Flower

First Goal
Bret Bailey (2nd game)

The Demons had upset Geelong in Round 6, and at quarter time it looked as if another boilover was on the cards. By the long break the margin was 41 points.

Carlton reigned the Demons in slightly during the third term, reducing the gap to 26 points before unleashing a hellacious eight goal to one last term to win the match. Ron Barassi, who had masterminded a similar amazingly come from behind victory in the 1970 Grand Final, was now on the other side of the equation as he watched his side get overrun.

The first half domination had been built on the strong ruck work of Peter Moore, Steven Icke dominating across half-back and Steven Smith at centre half-forward. Even the much maligned David Cordner had five goals at the last change and despite the Blues improvement in the latter half of the third quarter, and a goal after the siren by Warren Ralph, the margin was still enough to make Demons fans confident of a win. Ralph ended with seven goals for the day and with four points for his side.

Those expecting to hear one of Barassi’s famous sprays after the match were disappointed. He looked more disappointed and dispirited as he calmly and quietly answered every question journalists threw at him.

Moore, Icke and Giles were the Demons best. Greg Healy suffered a strained knee, John Fidge a concussion and Robert Flower a variety of injuries including to his groin, thigh and ankle which would ultimately knock him out of the Victorian state side.


Carlton 21.17.143 d. Melbourne 14.16.100
Goals - McCarthy 4, Williams 3, Battiston 2, Allday 1, Grinter 1, Hutchinson 1, Tanner 1, Yeates 1
Best - Durnan, Hutchinson, McCarthy

Under 19s
Carlton 13.11.89 d. Melbourne 12.14.86
Goals - Newport 3, Payne 3, Lovitt 2, Marra 1, Judd 1, Edwards 1, Hannant 1
Best - Edwards, Lawrence, Barkley

Blueseum match report

Age - 14/05/1984
Football Record R8 1984

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