Round 7 1915

Round 7, 1915
South Melbourne vs Melbourne
Saturday 5 June
Venue: Lake Oval
Attendance: Unknown

South Melbourne1.
Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 21 points

Goalkickers: Roy Park 5, Harry Brereton 2, Tim Collins 1, Jack Doubleday 1, Johnny Hassett 1

50 Games
Jack Evans

After getting their season back on track with a shock victory over St Kilda a week earlier the Reds staked their claim as a contender with another upset victory.

South had been a disappointment in 1915 but on their home turf it was still a shock result for a side which had won just two matches the season before - both against the now defunct University. Melbourne hadn't beaten South since defeating them twice in 1908, and South had racked up the highest score at the Lake Oval in 1914 against Melbourne.

The prospect of success for the Reds in 1915 had been improved by the inclusion of University's Roy Park and the return of Harry Brereton, and they were the two chief goalkickers for the day.

In otherwise fine weather a strong cross wind made kicking and marking difficult, but the match still had several flashes of brilliance. South had the better of the first quarter but their kicking for goal was poor and both sides kicked one goal apiece. Melbourne then opened up a seven point lead going into the half, but a poor spell during the third saw South threatening to run over the top of them. It took Melbourne until the midway through the quarter to get back on top.

They turned for home in front and spent most of the quarter in attack, running away comfortable victors to lift themselves into fourth place.

Gray impressed at full-back, while Hassett's roving was first class. Evans, Brake, George, Doubleday, Allan and Collins were also amongst the best.

Football Record 1915

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