Round 6 1967

Round 6, 1967
Melbourne vs Fitzroy
Saturday 20 May
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 17,582

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 42 points

Goalkickers: Hassa Mann 5, Stan Alves 1, Brian Dixon 1, Ken Emselle 1, Rob Foster 1, Ray Groom 1, Graeme Jacobs 1, Bryan Kenneally 1, Peter Smith 1

50 Games
Tony Anderson

Fitzroy had been the only side between Melbourne and a wooden spoon in 1966 after winning just one game, and after losing their first five of the new season they were well on their way to another 12th placed finish.

By half time the game was all but over, and briefly during the third quarter Hassa Mann had more score than the entire Lions side when he bought up 5.2. From there the two sides played out of a dull, plodding affair that gave no more indication about Melbourne but seemed to annoint Fitzroy as the wooden spooners in waiting.

Ken Emselle had a torrid day in front of goals. In the second quarter he tried to soccer a ball through from the goalsquare and scored a point, and in the last quarter had a speculative long shot from the boundary line that looked as if it was going to go in, until it his the top of the goal post.

Best were Mann, Dixon and Alves. Emselle was replaced by Vagg in the last quarter. Stewart was an unused replacement.

The victory dragged the Demons to back within a game of the fop four.

Melbourne 11.13 d. Fitzroy 9.17
Goals - Dillon 7, Fowler 2, Sullivan 1, Aitken 1
Best - Dillon, Aitken, Murnane
Reported - Whitton (striking) and Comben (abusive language)

Under 19s
Fitzroy 15.16 d. Melbourne 8.5
Goals - Gordon 3, Hill 1, Meldrum 1, Calder 1, Anderson 1, Calleja 1
Best - Watts, Hill, Hooper

Football Record R7 1967
Age - 22/05/1967

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