Round 6 1950

Round 6, 1950
Melbourne vs Fitzroy
Saturday 27 May
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 21,311

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 51 points

Goalkickers: Len Dockett 4, Denis Cordner 3, Doug Heywood 2, Alan McGowan 2, George Bickford 1, Eddie Craddock 1

First Game
Max Jeffers

A dominant defence carried the Demons over the line against a Fitzroy side who were shambolic going into attack. The visitors did all the attacking early, but were unable to get past Shane McGrath, who was blanketing the usually dangerous Eddie Hart. McGrath cleared the ball1 3 times in the first half alone. The Lions were forced to move Hart away and replace him with a first gamer but the move had little effect. Each side had one goal for the first quarter, with Melbourne continually forced to counter attack after Fitzroy dominated the middle. After his side missed six chances Len Dockett kicked a late goal to give his side a three point lead.

With Denis Cordner dominating the rucks and Dockett one of the few forwards on the field to have a win on the day, Melbourne managed to grind their opponents down. They extended the margin to 15 at half time and continued to be miserly in defence, eventually shaking free in a congested last quarter on a heavy ground to move back into the top four.

To that point it was Melbourne's biggest ever win over the Lions.

Best were Dockett, McGrath and Bickford. Rodda (stomach trouble) was replaced by Craddock, and Dockett (thigh) replaced by Carlon.

Melbourne 10.13 d. Fitzroy 11.12
Goalkickers - Pound 6, Unknown 4

Melbourne 9.8 d. Fitzroy 8.5

Sporting Globe and Herald give the crowd as 21,111 and don't show Carlon replacing Dockett.

Herald - 26/05/1950
Sporting Globe - 27/05/1950
Herald - 27/05/1950
Argus - 29/05/1950
Herald - 29/05/1950
Age - 29/05/1950
Football Record 1950.

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