Round 6 1925

Round 6, 1925
Richmond vs Melbourne
Saturday 6 June
Venue: Punt Road
Attendance: 38,000

Match Statistics

Match Drawn

Goalkickers: Col Deane 3, Derek Mollison 2, Harry Moyes 2, Harry Davie 1, Bill Shelton 1, Stan Wittman 1

MFC Debut
Harry Moyes

Last Game
Bill Shelton

The VFL's great improvers continued their strong form by hanging on for a draw against the fast-finishing Tigers. Despite earning two points out of the match, the two teams disappointed the crowd who missed out on the fast, entertaining match they had expected and instead witnessed a dull slog, albeit one with a grandstand finish.

Richmond had a slight wind advantage in the first quarter but Melbourne were the first to attack. The Tigers turned them back twice before taking the ball down the other end and registering the first major of the day. The home side were playing better football, but found Melbourne's defence tough to crack and both teams managed two goals for the term.

A rumour swept the crowd that Melbourne hadn't been credited with a point during the third quarter and should have won by a point, but the goal umpires confirmed that the tied scores were correct. It wasn't the only umpiring controversy, with 125 free kicks paid across the 100 minutes of play.

The visitors kicked three goals in a row to start the second quarter, and it looked as if they were going to run away with the game. Richmond got one back, but Melbourne answered with two more and opened up a comfortable lead at half time. Richmond might have been closer had they been paid what looked like a six pointer after Harry Coy miskicked and the ball rebounded through the goal. The umpire claimed it had hit above his knee, but observers suggested it should have counted as a goal.

The Tigers gradually chipped away at the lead in the third quarter despite forward Rudolph drawing ire of supporters and captain Minogue by missing three chances in a row - but Melbourne had similar issues with Moyes missing three shots in as many minutes. Richmond finally broke through for the last goal of the quarter to cut the margin to a goal.

The match hung in the balance in the last quarter, with Richmond's defence forced to save their side early in the term before Moyes finally broke through for a goal. The Tigers hit back 30 seconds later and the much maligned Rudolph converted a free kick to give them the lead after 10 minutes. Five minutes later Wittman restored a goal lead before Richmond levelled once again. Davie put his side in front with a behind after a free kick, and with seconds remaining a Richmond snap on goal was just touched through by Coy to ensure the clubs would share the points.

Chadwick, Deane and Corbett were best.

Richmond 16.16.112 d. Melbourne 10.7.67


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Football Record 1925

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