Round 5 1933

Round 5, 1933
Melbourne vs Footscray
Saturday 27 May
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 22,029

Match Statistics

Footscray win by 20 points

Goalkickers: George Margitich 3, Eric Glass 2, Don Hooper 2, Rowley Fischer 1, Colin Niven 1, Francis Vine 1

First Game
Charlie Longhurst
Percy Streeter

After several encouraging performances in losses to start the season, Melbourne were a chance of beating the Tricolours on their own turf but would have to do it without a number of first choice senior players including Beames, Tymms, Jones, Vanthoff, Murray, Pemberton and Usher.

At the end of the first quarter it looked as if they would, but they only held a narrow lead at the last change of ends and the visitors came home with a wet sail to record an easy win.

Melbourne had been faster and better in setting up attacks all day during the first quarter, but when Footscray got their erratic kicking back in gear in the second term they took over.

Melbourne might have been closer if it wasn't for shocking kicking on goal, and with ten minutes they could still have won if they hadn't scored behinds from easy shots and kicked out on the full from others. Margitich was his team's top goalkicker and also the chief offender in not converting his chances.

Two goals left the margin at five points midway through the final term. After the umpire was forced to caution two Footscray players and stop the game to calm the players down the Tricolours managed to overcome their opponents.

Best were Sambell, Longhurst and Long.

Melbourne 10.16 d. Footscray 7.18

Argus - 29/05/1933
Herald - 02/06/1933
Football Record R6 1933

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