Round 4 1965

Round 4, 1965
Melbourne vs South Melbourne
Saturday 8 May
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 27,404

South Melbourne4.36.38.811.11.77
Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 3 points

Goalkickers: Hassa Mann 3, John Townsend 3, John Lord 2, Barrie Vagg 2, Barry Bourke 1, Ray Groom 1


Two last quarter blunders allowed Melbourne a possibly undeserved victory against the Swans. Melbourne had been out of sorts all day and South had played like their lives depended on the result.

Despite the fanatical performance by their opponents, Melbourne still managed to eke out a 14 point lead in the third quarter. It was then that South booted 4.5 to no reply.

Then, with the Demons 14 points behind in the last quarter Hassa Mann was able to find Barrie Vagg on his own in the goalsquare to draft one back. With just seconds left he did it again, marking on a difficult angle before finding an open Barry Bourke in scoring position.

There was just 18 seconds left when he slotted the goal. The goal was controversial as film footage showed that Mann had dropped his mark. Even Norm Smith admitted that it was a doubtful decision by umpire Blew - ironically the same man who had threatened to sue Smith in the past.

Melbourne had won four in a row, but three of those had been narrow victories over sides they would have thrashed in 1964.

Best were Townsend, Mann and Johnson. Emselle replaced Jacobs in the last quarter.

South Melbourne 6.10.46 d. Melbourne 6.7.43
Goals - Bartlett 3, Vearing 1, Minton-Connell 1, Alves 1
Best - Bartlett, T. Leahy, Minton-Connell

Under 19s
Melbourne 13.10 defeated South Melbourne 4.4
Goals - Collins 5, Stone 2, D'Arcy 2, Knape 2, Marr 1, Johnson 1
Best - Stone, Collins, Coutts

Football Record R5 1965
Age - 08/05/1965
Age - 10/05/1965
Age - 11/05/1965

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