Round 4 1945

Round 4, 1945
Melbourne vs Richmond
Saturday 12 May
Venue: Punt Road
Attendance: 23,000

Match Statistics

Richmond win by 20 points

Goalkickers: Fred Fanning 6, Jack Mueller 1, Ivan Porter 1, Roy Stabb 1


The Demons returned to their bad habits of 1944. Unable to find a path to goal other than Fred Fanning, they were blown off the park in the first quarter. In a match where all the scoring went the way of the wind, Richmond's seven goal quarter time lead was decisive. Their pace and superior system was vital, even with their home ground advantage negated by playing against the side who was sharing their ground. The stage was set when the first goal came via two Demon defenders colliding.

Melbourne struck back with the wind in the second quarter, opening the term with the first three goals. They held the Tigers goalless, but still found themselves with a mountain to climb. The margin was only nine points, but the strong wind advantage meant Richmond could be expected to open a sizeable gap at the last quarter. That they did, an early period of attack by the Demons fizzled out and the lead was 35 points at the last change.

The strength of the wind gave Melbourne an outside chance to win, but with Ron Baggott missing as Fanning's partner in attack they couldn't get within range. Fanning got the first but they were held up in their next two attacks. The margin was cut to 20 points but Richmond's lead was never seriously threatened.

Best were Mueller, Cordner and Fanning. 19th man Molloy replaced Latham (injured leg) in the third quarter.

Melbourne 13.17.95 d. Richmond 13.16.94

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Sporting Globe - 16/05/1945
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