Round 4 1927

Round 4, 1927
Essendon vs Melbourne
Saturday 21 May
Venue: Windy Hill
Attendance: 20,000

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 18 points

Goalkickers: Harry Davie 3, Francis Vine 3, Jimmy Davidson 1, Hugh Dunbar 1, Tommy McConville 1, Harry Moyes 1, Herbert White 1

50 Games
Ivor Warne-Smith
Stan Wittman

First game and First goal
Tommy McConville

Melbourne battled for three quarters before finally shrugging off the challenge from the Same Olds. The margin was never more than a couple of goals, and Essendon were always a chance until they ran out of time late in the last quarter.

Melbourne's centre line were the deciding factor in the match. Essendon won the aerial battle, but up front and in the middle they were handily beaten. Taylor, Campbell and last minute inclusion Dick were dominant in the midfield and on the wings - along with debutant McConville who topped off his first league start with a goal.

Warne-Smith, White and Davidson were Melbourne's best. Robert C Johnson missed his second match of the season due to the flu.

Essendon 8.21.69 d. Melbourne 7.11.53
Best - Barnes, Sullivan

Football Record R5 1927

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